Approved Used DJI Inspire 2

Approved Used – The Inspire 2 is the latest in DJI’s inspire range of quadcopters aimed at professional users.

12 months warranty on parts and labour on all Approved Used Devices



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Approved Used 12 months warranty on parts and labour on all Approved Used Devices

DJI Inspire 2 – Professional Quadcopter

The Inspire 2 is the latest in DJI’s inspire range of quadcopters aimed at professional users. This model supports three cameras from DJI, the Zenmuse X5S, X4S and X7. At Droneworksireland we were massive fans of the first Inspire. The DJI Inspire 2 is  a massive hit too. The range of camera options, improved flight time, new motors and added redundancy make this one of DJI’s most versatile products.

New Features on the Inspire 2

The DJI Inspire 2 drone has a number of key new features when looking at the quadcopter body.

– Magnesium aluminium composite shell helping to save weight.

– Familiar transforming design as seen on the Inspire 1.

– Carbon Fiber arms.

– New Vision Sensing technology.

– 58mph Max Speed.

– 15in Propellers.

– 27 minute flight time using the X4S Zenmuse Camera

Inspire 2 Built-in Image ProcessingDJI Inspire 2 Design

The Inspire 2 has a built-in imaging system.

This includes dedicated storage to help make processing the high-quality images and video footage you record a breeze.

CineCore 2.0 is included, along with the ability to record 4K video @ 60fps.

Inspire 2 Image Processing

New Inspire 2 Remote Control

The newly designed Inspire 2 remote features:

– Signal frequency switching technology (DJI Lightbridge).

– A range of up to 4.3 miles or 7 kilometres.

– Support for Master / Slave modes.

– HDMI, USB and Extension ports.

DJI Inspire 2 Image Quality

Inspire 2 Image Quality

Thanks to the new CineCore 2.0 image processing technology included with the Inspire 2, the quality of images and stills that this new quadcopter can produce is nothing short of sensational.

The CineCore system is capable of recording 5.2K videos in DNG1, ProRes2 and other formats.

The system is integrated within the nose of the Inspire 2 and works with both of DJI’s new cameras, the X4S and X5S.

Both of these cameras also support high-resolution stills.

New Obstacle Avoidance Technology

A new obstacle avoidance system on the Inspire 2 is another step forward from the technology found on the Phantom 4.

The DJI Inspire 2 can detect obstacles from up to 30 meters away at a speed of up to 34mph.

The peace of mind that this provides will be invaluable for pilots while using their quadcopter.

In addition, there are infrared sensors on top of the Inspire 2 and sensors underneath the body of the aircraft help with accurate hovering.

These new sensors make the Inspire 2 the most stable DJI aircraft to date.

Spotlight Pro Camera Mode for Inspire 2

The Spotlight Pro camera mode is an intelligent tracking mode.

It allows Inspire 2 pilots to capture “complex, dramatic images”.

The sensors allow the Inspire 2 to follow a single subject extremely accurately, regardless of the flight path of the quadcopter.

Shots that previously required a dedicated second camera operator can now be captured by a single pilot.

Increased Reliability

The Inspire 2 has extra redundancy included.

This means that if one IMU or Compass were to fail in mid-flight, this new quadcopter would carry on flying, allowing the pilot to recover the aircraft safely.

The addition of a second battery also means that battery failure is no longer an issue.

If you of the batteries fails during flight, the second battery can take over and return the drone home.

What’s in the Box?

Inspire 2 x 1

Remote Controller x 1

Propeller Pair x 4

Intelligent Flight Battery x 2

Charger x 1

Battery Charging Hub x 1

Power Cable x 1

USB Cable x 1

microSD Card (16GB) x 1

Vision System Calibration Plate x 1

Gimbal Damper x 3

Propeller Mounting Plate Pair x 1

Carrying Case x 1

Battery Insulation Sticker x 4

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